So, as it turned out, the Raycasting Game Maker I had touted as a possible tool for a future game is really way way waaaay too limited. You can basically just re-skin an already quite basic first person shooter and even though I liked the oldskool look of it, it really did not give me enough freedom.

After I came to that sobering conclusion, I checked out a lot of different game creation systems, 3D engines and programming languages only to decide there really wasn’t anything out there for me. That was quite of a depressing conclusion and I thought that would be the end of it.

Nonetheless, I still wanted to make games, so I thought I would just go back to a tool I know and love and settle for 2D games. The tool in question is Scirra Construct Classic. However, a part of me just did not wanna let go of the idea of creating my own FPS again, so I started looking for ideas how to turn a simple 3D test someone created in Construct into a full-fledged game.

A lot of trial and error later, I found out that Construct was the right tool for the job all along! I got a full 3D test running, which kinda looks and feels like the raycasting engines of old (even though it isn’t) and even allows me to add some 3D objects I can create in Blender. Enemies and objects are still sprites (which is awesome) and I have a lot of freedom in designing my game. First I want to create a really simple shooter as a proof-of-concept, because I know that I tend to overreach when creating games. I have some cool adventure/roleplay/open world ideas that I’m quite sure are doable in that engine, but it took me long enough to create simple shooter elements, so I’ll keep it simple at first.

The basics are done, now I just got to find time (and inspiration) to create some content. At the same time, however, I want to do some more filmmaking, so actual playable results will surely take a while…